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Australian visual communicators – combining virtual tours, professional photography,

fully licensed drone ops and videography

Since 2005, Newsdesk Media has specialised in producing quality PR and Marketing imaging services for some of Australia’s most recognised brands. 

Regardless of whether you need photography or video, on the ground or in the air, we’re able to get the visuals you need.

Now, with 3D technology we can create images so immersive we can take the viewer to a location with us and let them walk through it from the comfort of their lounge room. Virtual tours are the latest addition to what can be achieved with the right images and our commercial experience in photography, video and drones allows us to take them to a new level for our clients.

No matter how complex your image requirements are we have the experience and the resources to turn imagination into visual communication.

Experience AirTour™

Turn a physical space into a digital environment. Explore a place from anywhere, online!

stunning : Sydney Photography, video & drone


Commercial Photography

Newsdesk has provided photographic services for a wide variety of client across a broad cross section of media, from newspapers and magazines to brochures, point-of-sale collateral and more recently, social campaigns.

Corporate Videos

Newsdesk has worked with some of the most experienced camera operators and editors in the business producing corporate videos. We make sure you get the right crew for the audience you want to reach.


Newsdesk can bring a whole new perspective to your photography or video.  In addition to stunning aerial visuals, you have the peace-of-mind that our licensed pilots are CASA approved with a commercial operator’s certificate.


Newsdesk VT can provide a customised virtual solutions to transport online explorers into your location from anywhere in the world. We use multiple 3D technologies to create an unparalleled virtual sales tool for our clients.

View our Portfolio

View our Portfolio

A lot hos changed since Newsdesk began in 2012, camera technology hos moved.

I have an association with Warren going back over more than two decades, starting with what I believe was his first professional solo automotive location photo shoot.

Since then, we have worked together on many projects, from vehicle range shoots to special editions and motorsport; studio and location.
Whatever the mission, Warren’s combination of a fine news sense and awareness, plus composition and artistry, have served him – and us – magnificently.

Quality outcomes resulting from a tremendous work ethic are a given. His ability to produce variety, plus his adaptability and flexibility, distinguish him – plus, he’s a thoroughly entertaining and engaging individual to work with.

David Rowley

National Corporate Affairs & Public Relations Manager, Subaru Australia